As Nelson Mandela lies in intensive care in hospital the world and the South African people are praying for his speedy recovery.

How do you begin to find words to describe this star among mortal, a man with dignity and integrity which surpass those expected of human beings.

He spent 27 years in prison under the most appalling, inhumane and diabolic apartheid system of the 20th century, Nelson Mandela suffers the indignity of a system where equality was afforded to a few whilst the majority suffers tremendously.

However, becoming the first black President of the nation were black were profoundly suppressed, one would have thought that he would seek vengeance on those that wronged him, but instead he seeks to build bridges, repair fences and see all South Africans regardless of the colour of their skin as equal, bringing both black and white South Africans together with the goal of improving the lives and dignity of the many and not the few.

He accomplished so much in his 94 years that God gave him to the world, that irrespective of whether he recovers, which we are hoping for, or he pass on to the next phase of life Nelson Mandela is a beacon that will continue to burn for generations to come, his name, life and achievements will be the guiding light that others will follow and his legend will far outweigh the man.

Let us offer a prayer for his speedy recovery, but if his work here on earth is over, we place him in the hands of the almighty who gave him the strength to overcome all adversities and emerge a world class leader and one which others around the globe should aspire to and realize that when you seek revenge you only demean yourself as a human being, but rising over oppression is the testament to a great character.

By Sandrea: My Opinion