Israel Gaza ceasefire

It has been reported that a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians was reached.  The world will breathe a sigh of relief that the expected escalation of this needless war as come to an end.  The ceasefire agreement as outlined by Egypt is a demonstration that nations can come together to help resolve conflicts and prevent the unnecessary deaths of human beings.


A California man was arrested for killing and cooking parts of  his wife.  There is no report as to whether the individual consume any of the body parts that was found being cooked.


There have been media reports that Ireland have arrested 113 mostly Chinese and Vietnamese nationals for suspected drug dealings and have also seized some five marijuana growing facilities, that was worth an estimated £3.5 million.  Cracking down on drug traffickers is one fight that security services cannot afford to lose, as the effects of drugs on society causes anti-social behaviour and take a devastating toll on our health service, in terms of the cost for treatment for those that are addicted to these drugs.


Another 23 people have lost their lives in yet another terrorist bomb attack in Pakistan.  According to statistics over 2,700 people lost their lives in 2011.  We await the figures for 2012 to be able to compare whether terror attacks increase deaths or if the security forces were able to curtail the number of deaths attribute to terrorism.


It has been alleged that UK Senior British border officials have misled parliament by suggesting that they have dealt with the backlog of 147,000 asylum and immigration claims.  Honesty seems to be the failing in some government services.  Who do they believe get hurt when they concoct stories to make themselves seem more effective and efficient than they really are.

With all of the news headlines that have happened locally and international, the one that will make us feel good and positive is the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.  As we approach the Christmas holidays and the celebration of the birth of Jesus, we have been given hope that we may see a lasting peace between these two countries, and wish that this time the peace will be lasting and the next generation on both sides will not have to continue the old tradition of war to exist alongside each other.

By Sandrea: My Opinion