Today as we celebrate society’s recognition of mother’s day, as mothers we know how special we already are.

Being a mother is the most important task there is, we shape nation, we produce kings that rule nations and we also produce some of the most anti-social in society, and we have accepted the good with the bad.

There is no doubt that mothers play an important role in creation and there are times when we have so much that rest upon our shoulders.  The Bible speaks of some of the most remarkable and influential women that history have recorded.

Let us just look at three of the women the bible documents that have had a profound impact on current world status:

  1. Sarah, Abraham wife the mother of Isaacs who God anointed as the  man that would rule nations


  1. Ruth a remarkable woman married into an Israelite family and from her linage came King David who was her great grandson and the ancestor of the Messiah


  1. Mary the mother of Jesus, she was responsible for bearing our  saviour and redeemer


Mothers are truly blessed, irrespective of the fact that not only do we produce the good but also the bad, overall we are responsible for more positive than negative things.  We are truly the cornerstone of society and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate mothers everywhere regardless of where we are and to assure them that their contribution to society cannot be measure.

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By Sandrea: My Opinion