According to what I have learned and about Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), or what is commonly known as the ‘Road Tax’.

This is a tax which should allow you, in my interpretation of what the tax is for, to use the public highways, which should mean that you are allowed to park your motor vehicle virtually anywhere on the road.

However, that is not so there are so many restrictions on where and how you park your motor vehicle.  I believe that it is common sense that there are going to be places where it would be very foolish to park a vehicle. For example, places where it would restrict the fire brigade, ambulance or the police service.

The problem I have with this parking, in particular ‘residential parking’ is the fact that having paid my so-called road tax, I am forced to once again pay to park in front of my home and if I do not have a residential permit then I am slapped with a parking violation ticket.

There can be no justification in the way that the motorist is treated in the UK and I believe that we are being ripped off by the Central government and the Local authority, motorist in England are seen as a green light to print money and that is totally unacceptable.

I was recently in Rome and I could not believe how easy their parking system is and some of the places that I saw cars park blew me away because there is no way that we would be allowed to park close to a Zebra crossing.

I have no problem with parking restrictions in our city center, main highways, shopping center.  However, I take an exception to have parking extended to the streets where by there is absolutely no reason for the parking restriction except that by doing so the Local authority is ripping off the motorist.

The biggest rip off is the so-called residential permit, whereby the resident is conned into believing that for a small fee the local authority would be protecting the resident parking privilege, and when they started out most residents would have agreed because the amount that was asked for being minimal.  The cost has risen dramatically over the years and the explanation given is that administration cost has increased.

In my opinion, I find the laws of ‘road tax’ vague and parking even more of a jargon and for it is absolutely disgraceful that any organization can blatantly, again in my opinion rob a large section of the community so openly.  If an individual was doing what Central government and the Local authorities are perpetrating against motorist that individual would be tried, convicted and sent to prison.

I hope just like PPI, someday someone will look at this parking theft, which his being perpetrated on us motorist and do something about it and hopefully we will have to be reimbursed for all the money that they have taken from us, in my opinion illegally.