In 1967 the European Union was established. 

In 1973 Britain joined the European Union, it was Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath, who took Britain into the Union. I do not always agree with members of the Conservative government, but as far as I am concerned and particular in my opinion, this was a remarkable move on the part of Edward Heath.

However, in 1975 Labour Leader Harold Wilson held a referendum on Britain’s membership and 66% of people voted to stay in the Union.  It would be a travesty if we allow the scaremongers who want to leave the EU to win by voting to come out of Europe.

It never ceases to amaze me that every time that an important issue arises in this country the first thing that scaremongers attached themselves to is always immigration.  It is always how these so-called foreigners are going to invade our borders, steal our jobs, housings, social security benefits and drain our economy, really.

This is a load of garbage, and they have been saying this for years.  It would appear that they forget that hundreds of Britain immigrate to other countries every year and I do not hear any of those countries make a fuss about the number of Britain they let into their country.

We are much better off staying in the European Union than coming out.  The scaremongers do not tell the public how much the country would lose, what a devastating effect, leaving the EU would have on our economy.  The same idiotic people who want us to leave the EU, it is no bother to them, they are well off therefore any economic fallout would affect the majority rather than then minority.

This is the 21st Century where countries are literally joined at the hip and anyone who believe that isolating the UK in Europe would be good for the country is living in cloud cuckoo land.  The UK is supposed to be going forward and allowing ourselves to go back into the dark ages.

It is very important that we vote in our hundred and thousand to stay in the European Union.  Do not allow the scaremongers to frighten us into leave because it will be the biggest mistake that we will ever made should we vote to leave then Union.

Of course, some will say then European Union is full of bureaucracy and I might even agree, but the only way to change anything is to be a part of the thing you need to make changes to and being outside of the Union looking in cannot have any effect on what they do.

As for those who are talking about we do not have democracy, they seem to forget that we have to vote for our European representatives.  They can tout democracy about, but they would not know democracy if it jumped up and bite them in the face.

I believe that we should stay in the European Union, we have achieved a great deal as a country from being in then Union, so I am begging you all not to listen to scaremongers just vote to stay.