The nightmare of any family losing a loved one’s is unimaginable, but to lose them from being kidnapped triple that tenfold , we cannot begin to comprehend what these families have gone through.

As the media report broadcast the release of three women who was kidnapped and held for ten years, in what was described as a suburban suburb, one wonders how did they manage to retain their sanity having been illegally confined for so many years.

However, irrespective of all of what they have been put through we have to be grateful that at least there are three families that have been reunited with family members that they believe were dead and for that we must be grateful.

As a society we have to wonder why it is that as human beings we feel the need to act in such a counterproductive way, what reason could any have to take away a child from their family and kept them locked up for ten years.  They must have known the trauma that they were inflicting on the families of these young women.

In my opinion, these individuals that have perpetrated this dastardly criminal act once tried and convicted they should spend the rest of their natural lives confined to their prison cell and see how they are going to like being told when to eat, when to sleep and have all aspects of their lives legally control by the prison authorities.

The thought that these young women were bound and chained and yet when the perpetrators of these crimes are convicted for their crimes they will be allowed to walk freely within the confines of their prison cell.

It is not going to be hard to understand why, of course, the public will blame the authority for not finding these young women much sooner, but as a society we must recognize that the perpetrators of these crimes are not stupid.  Let us hope that they will never be in any position again to inflict that kind of inhumane act on any other family.

It will take a lot of support for these young women and their families to rebuild their lives and the stolen years that they will never regain, so let us wish them the best and leave them to come to terms with the nightmare that they have undergone.

By Sandrea: My Opinion