I am of the opinion that if one immigrates to a country they should try and learn the language of the host country, therefore if for example an English speaking individual decide to immigrate to France then in order to communicate effectively they should learn French.

However, this should be a decision that is made by the individual and not one made by the government. It becomes totalitarian when individuals are force to make fundamental choices in order to appease politicians.

The British Prime Minister is on route to force immigrants from non-speaking English country to learn and speak English otherwise they will lose any unemployment benefits that they are given.  It would be unwise to believe that the UK is a bottomless pit of resources and that we can accommodate every immigrant that arrive within our borders, but we should not be using draconian methods against these individuals.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is yet another ploy by this government to appeal to the public and to demonstrate that they are supposedly doing something about immigration.  They are hoping that by focusing on immigration it will blind-side the voters from concentrating on child poverty, unpopular social policies and the ineffective manner in which they are governing the country.

It is hypocritical for any government to create policies that give 95 per cent of the wealth to 5 per cent of the population, whilst 95 per cent of the population have to make do with 5 per cent.

I find it patronising that politicians believe that the public is gullible and they are so clever that they can cause chaos and then when survey tells them about a so-call concern of the public they leap on it and try to make it appear that they really care when in fact all that they are doing is trying to appease the minority in order to further their own selfish attitudes.

Everyone would agree that illegal immigrants are a problem to any country and the UK is not the only country that has to deal with this problem.  But using this to gain political kudos is disgraceful and smack of hypocrisy.   Why is it that immigrants and immigration never seems to be at the forefront during the first two years of the government, why does it always appear close when an election is looming?  It is not what the government is doing to ease the burden of immigration that I find distasteful, it is when they are doing it and their counterproductive reasons.

By Sandrea: My Opinion