According to the media two young boys age 15 and 16 will appear in Hammersmith youth court charged with the stabbing of a 17-year-old boy.

The media report suggested that this young boy was chased by these other boys and then stabbed to death, irrespective of all the efforts by the ambulance crew, another family had to be told that their son, brother, nephew or even cousin had died.

I really do not understand where these young people get the notion that walking around with a knife is ‘cool’ and using it to take another human being’s life is even ‘cooler’.  It is very hard for anyone to comprehend the feeling that one gets when you are told that a member of your family was attacked by other with knives.

Having experience this up close and personal I can tell you that is no joking matter, and I was fortunate that my grandson was not injured or killed.  But the thought that he was chased down by others wielding a knife and the only reason that he was not hurt is simply because he could run much faster than them.  However, that did not stop his friends who were with him at the time from being hurt and it was only God’s mercy that prevented his friend from dying.

This incident disrupted the whole of our lives people had to leave their homes because they are afraid that because the perpetrators new where the boys live they could be reprisal from their friends, once they were arrested.  This is no joke for weeks I could not sleep effectively just thinking and the images flashing through my mind that I could have been burying my Grandson.  The thought of what that family is going through now is beyond comprehension, losing their child and for what because these young people has nothing better to do and their bravo attitude towards life.

I personally believe that if they have the gall to go out and kill others, then they should not be treated as juvenile they should be treated as adults.  Until the justice system started to let these young people know that if you commit a heinous knife crime you will not be treated like a child, but you will be treated like an adult and will be prosecuted as such.

These young people need to understand that society will no longer tolerate their behaviour and the fact that they may be 15 and 16 does not give them any leeway if they can make an adult decision to take a life then they will face the consequences as an adult.

I do not want to hear these bleeding heart liberals talking about they are only children, so we must treat them in that arena.  Until it happens to you there is no way in which you can comprehend the severity of the problem.

If they know that they are going to be treated as adults, they will think twice before using a knife.