According to media report Brian May along with animal welfare supporters are calling on the British government to abolish their plans to cull hundreds of badgers.

There are a number of individuals within our society that firmly believe that any slaughter of animal except where they are being used within the food chain is an appalling act and must be stopped at all cost.  The systematic killing of animal whether it is for research purposes or to contain certain diseases goes against the conscience of many and although it may seem to be petty when if and when those animals’ impact human lives is neither here or there were animal activists are concerned.

On the other side of the fence the government believes that the only way in which they can tackle bovine TB which apparently can be passed from badger to beef herds and into dairy is to cull them.  However, according to expert and scientist the policy of culling these animals will be unimpressive and may not reduce TB in the long term and does not make economic sense.

There is no doubt that when a problem emerges amongst the animal population that may have an effect on the lives of human beings we must find a way of containing the problem, but why do we always seem to want to slaughter the animal.  Just imagine that animals have the capability to cull human beings we most probably would have been extinct a long time ago given the diabolic way in which we have treated animals for centuries.

Human beings have been systematically slaughtering animal for decades, we kill them in order to use their fur, their skins, and just about anything that we can make to wear from their murder.

Of course,  the government said the cull was necessary as part of efforts to stop increasing outbreaks of TB in dairy and beef herds, which saw 28,000 cattle slaughtered in England last year.  When one looks at those figures one would be inclined to go along with the government on the issue of culling, but what the government need to do is listen to the expert and the scientist that are in a better position than them to say whether culling is a feasible option and from their concern it is not and therefore they should find another alternative to contained this problem rather than murdering hundreds of these animals.

It is time that as a society we find effective ways of coexisting with the animals on our planet and stop this awful way of if the animals step out of line murder them, they have a right to be here just as much as humans.  Of course there are circumstances that culling is the only way when certain problems arise amongst certain animals and we support that when it occur, but lets not use culling for all cases where a animal is involve.

By Sandrea: My Opinion with except from the media