James Spader was born on the 7 February 1960 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

It is rather difficult for me to give praise and accolade to anyone, much less an actor, and that is exactly what I find myself doing where James Spader is a concern.  It is unbelievable how an individual could create such a believability about the characters that they played in such a way that all I want to do is see or hear that he will appear on my T.V screen and my world become an amazing place.

Playing Alan Shore – Boston Legal, each time one watches his courtroom scene, he put you right there, his passion for the information that he his relaying is unbelievable.  I know that the show as writers who written the words that he his saying on these drama shows, but no matter how prolific a writer may be, there is no way that they can get anyone to put across what they have written with such brilliance as James Spader does.

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – The Blacklist, one of my  favourite characters that James is currently depicting, the character he plays in this series is amazing and what he has achieved in playing the character, his the ability to make one believe that these characters really exist and the manner in which you align yourself with them will go one of two ways, and there is no gray area in the way he put across his characters.

James Spader was born to be an actor and I understood why he is so good at what he does, apparently he said when asked in an interview whether his children would follow him into showbiz and his reply was that he would present them with limitless options but acting has to be right for you. He is absolutely right and I can understand why he became the giant of an actor that he is.

We are used to other actors/actress receiving Oscar for characters that they portrait and I believe that some are worth it, but if individuals such as James Spader does not receive and Oscar for his performance then I really do not understand what we look for in an actor.

Maybe I am bias when it comes to James Spader, there are other authors that I find equally as appealing as James, in putting across the character that they portray, but right now the kudos go completely to James, I hope that he will be around for a very long time to entertain us effectively as he is currently doing and I look forward to the next instalment of ‘The Blacklist’.

Congratulation, James on everything that you have achieved it is well deserved.