The media report regarding a British woman Laura Fernee who stated that she has been unemployed for two years because of the massive problems, that her  good looks cost doing her job, in my opinion ludicrous.

This individual is qualified to do the job she was undertaken and if the morons around her could not see that then the problems lies with them, why should a qualify person with the ability to do a job is unemployed because of no fault of her own.

What this story suggest that if she was what society see as being unattractive then she would still be employed and this is yet another shallow way in which society believe that a woman should look, being fortunate to be born with good looks should not be a criteria in whether one is gainfully employed or not.  What should we expect next from our moronic society.

The fact that she resigned her employment gave the morons around that they can pester an attractive woman out of their job and once again in my opinion she should have stayed in her job and not allow the unwanted romantic gesture to cause her to leave.

Beauty as they say is skin deep and the individuals that she worked with could only see the outer beauty they did not take the time to know her as a person and I can understand the frustration that she may have undergone knowing that every day that she arrive for work some idiot would be waiting to shower her with unwanted attention, but giving up was the last thing she should have done.

Harassment of any kind is prohibited in the workplace and to say that she was traumatized at some of the unwanted gifts that she was receiving it begs the question as to what course of action were her employer taking to ensure that she not only have a safe working environment but that any kind of harassment by colleagues were effectively dealt with.

There is no doubt when one reads her story that of course her female colleagues would become resentful if they believe that all of the male attention was focused onto her, that must have been rather difficult to deal with, but I still believe that resigning was an option that she never should have taken, but as they say until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoe you are in no position to judge them and I just think it is a shame that a human being was made to leave their employment because of the way in which they look, society have really gone bonkers.

By Sandrea: My Opinion