BOLT… I hope I can be the one to get there because I work very hard and I want nothing but the best

A pack stadium, the crowd in the most fantastic mood, bellows of cheers rang throughout the arena as the man of the moment emerged to a welcome befitting a royal.

He was born on the 21 August 1986, in a Trelawny, Jamaica.  He is the first man in Olympic history to win both 100 and 200 meter races in record time.  Tonight we expect greatness once again as he lined up with the best of Olympic 100 meter sprinter.

We held  our breath, we are about to witness the event of the century, Usain Bolt a Jamaican power house. We watched him kneel in the starting block and our pride to be a Jamaican swell up inside every one watching, glued, eyes focused on the television screen and out of the block came the fastest man on the planet.  Usain Bolt did it again, the stride of a gazelle as he thunders down the track one focus in his mind and that was winning the gold medal.

With gratitude we thank him for putting Jamaica in the limelight for something positive, for being the man that he is and the extraordinary talent that is unmistakenly Usain Bolt.