As the United Nations intensified their efforts to find a solution to the Gaza conflict, it is counterproductive for anyone to blame Israel solely for the crisis.

With Iran calling for Israel to be tried for war crimes, alleging that they are solely responsible for the conflict, is unproductive.

Turkey accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing, stating that they have ignore peace and violating international law.  Whilst the Palestinians are firing rockets towards Jerusalem.

It takes two to tango and of course, the United Nations must do everything in its power to prevent any escalation in this unnecessary conflict.  But there can be no effective conclusion to this war if the Islamic nations are going to blame Israel alone for the problem.

Islamic nations are in a good position to be advising Hamas to seek amicable solutions to the crisis, they should be telling the Palestinians that they cannot get rid of Israel and furthermore, that like the Palestinians the Israelis have just as much right to exist.

We cannot continue to wage wars because of historical events.  Israel may have stolen land from the Palestinians, they may have killed hundreds, but so did the Palestinians, after all they fought a previous war of which Israel was the winner.  It is time to bury the hate hatchet and work toward a lasting peace.

The world need peace and that can only be achieved if the parties are willing to put their differences aside, find what make us want to work together, rather than that which separate us.

Although, there are times when, of course the Israelis could show restraint in their actions, we cannot and must not blame this solely on Israel, after all they have citizens dying needlessly even if the numbers are minute there are still lives that are being lost.

Yasser Arafat square off to Israel for years, he his now death and another generation of leaders is continuing this unhealthy feud and no one have the guts to say this has been going far too long, let us work together to leave a better world for the next generation in order that they can live side by side in  peace.  What a wasted opportunity.


by Sandrea: My Opinion