Sandrea:– My Opinion

It does not take the intelligence of Einstein to fathom that both Israel and Iran are both flexing their weapons power and this should cause the west great concern about the possibility of an all out war between the two.

Firstly, Iran began test firing their upgraded version of a short-range ballistic missile.  Their defense minister was only too pleased to boast about the range capability of these weapons.  Claiming it can pinpoint targets at sea and the accuracy of said weapons make it invaluable in Iran’s arsenal.  The Fateh-110 or Conqueror a single stage solid propellant, surface to surface missile.  This upgraded version would have no problems hitting targets in Israel.

Following Iran’s activities Israel have now decided to upgrade its top-tier Arrow missile defence.  They have improved sensors, command equipments, including radar all enhanced to improved reach and accuracy.

These activities are those of countries that are preparing for war and irrespective of what both countries are saying this is more than an indication that they both believe each is going to attack.  Hence the preparation.

What as happened to diplomacy, have we gone so far backwards in time that we don’t have the capability to use words to settle differences, and every disagreement must now be settled by war.  Who will win, how many more lives needed to be lost before inhabitants of this planet understand that war is not the answer.

It is obvious that there is no love-loss between Israel and Iran and with Syria steep in civil unrest tension in the area is high. Should Iran and Israel decide to be idiots it would be devastating for the region.  Giving the fact that Syria as an arsenal of chemical weapons which could easily fall into the wrong hands and Israel being dislike by both Syria and Iran any conflict between them is not worth contemplating.

The west can only hold its breath and pray that all they are doing is flexing their weapons muscle and the bark is nothing more than that.

Israel will no doubt be backed by the US and UK, and Russia and China will most likely be on the side of Syria and Iran, where France stands in all of this is a mystery and to have the five permanent members of the United Nation in an all out conflict is putting the world in world war 111 and the UN was created in order to prevent such catastrophes from ever happening again.

The 5 permanent members of the UN need to put their personal differences aside and unite in order to prevent the world being dragged into another all out war.  Human beings should have evolved into a more proactive rather than reactive manner and if this organisation fail the planet and its people what next.