France, Spain, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland plan to vote in favour of the motion to upgrade the Palestinians status at the United Nations, is the correct move, given the current climate.

If the UK  and others refuse to support the motion or abstain from voting they will be continuing the long drawn out feud between Israel and the Palestinians.

There is an open opportunity to bring these two factions in an organization that will allow them to broker lasting peace within the region and that is the only way forward for the next generation to live side by side, respecting each other right to exist.

The Palestinians must also be prepared to make the necessary concessions in order to show the rest of the world that they are serious about achieving peace and that they are prepared to recognize the rights of Israel to exist alongside them and that both country be free from fanatical violence.

The world cannot idly sit by and do nothing when they get an opportunity to do something positive to ensure that they can begin to address the issues of constant war among nations.  The Israeli and US opposing the move is counter productive they should want to see an end to this unnecessary warring and strive to achieve peace.

It is important that we treat these two countries with the same amount of equality and is should not be perceived that we give preference to one over the other, as bias will be one of the ingredients that will continue this situation. The world need peace, let the powers that be pull out all the stop to achieve this.

By Sandrea: My Opinion