Is mobile phone roaming charges excessive, and I say they are not just excessive, they are astronomical.

It is understandable that when you are provided with any service, there is a monetary value attached and if you have an online phone then you are expected to pay the usage cost.

However, are consumers being ripped off with roaming charges. I cannot speak for the majority of mobile phone users as I do not have all the information required to do so, but I can certainly speak about my experience of which I am documenting here.

My mobile phone bill is roughly seventy four pounds per month and that is for the service of two phones and an internet dongle of which I have no problem with meeting these payments on a monthly basis.  However my problem began when I decided to visit the US a month ago.

I was informed by the phone company that if I was going abroad the best way to utilise my phone would be texting or picture messaging as they are considerably cheaper than actually making a phone call as the roaming charges for calls or high.  So, I took their advice and I spend most of the time texting rather than making calls.  But to be honest, circumstances cause me to make around four or five calls lasting for about ten minutes on about two occasions.

On my return I knew that there was going to be extra charges on my phone bill but I was certainly not prepared to be landed with a bill for over two hundred pounds (£215).  To say that I was astonished would be putting mildly.  What made me even more angry is that the other individual that when abroad with me bought a pay as you go mobile phone in the US and with the cost of the phone and top up he spend a total of $60 and we were both there for the same period of time.

I have paid the bill because I will not get into any discussion about the excessive roaming charges. I am however amazed that in this technological age we have to pay enormous mobile phone bills for these, in my opinion, ridiculous charges.

My experience has taught me that, when and if, I ever leave the UK again none of my mobile phones will be travelling with me I will certainly do what my friend did and purchase a pay as you go phone in the country I visit as it is considerably cheaper to do so than to use your online phone.  This was a very costly lesson for me and one which I will certainly not repeat ever.

By Sandrea: My Opinion