According to media report Julian Assange is suffering from lung problems.

The WikiLeaks founder was given asylum by Ecuador on the 16 August 2012, and has been in their embassy since July, after losing his high court bid to stop extradition to Sweden to face assault charges.

Mr Assange believes that should he be extradited to Sweden the US would try to extradite him to America to stand trial on charges that he leaked thousands of classified US documents relating to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  A charge that the US constantly denies.

It was also alleged that in an interview that he gave on September 30, he indicated that his health was deteriorating, however there is no confirmation from him or his spoke person that confirm this latest health developments.

As human beings any stressful condition can take a toll on our health and Julian Assange is no exceptions to that rule and he has is fair amount of stress.  Being holed up in a small room, albeit of his making, unable to go about his business freely and fearing that if he set foot outside the Ecuador embassy he will be arrested and extradite to Sweden, the media and the world watching and reporting is every move, must be an added burden.

I am concerned that if he does have a medical problem he should be allowed to be in a hospital where he can receive the treatment he need. Although as been suggested that he did not appear to look ill on camera, that does not mean he is not unwell and require treatment.


By Sandrea: My Opinion