Is it possible that human beings can be born evil, or is it the environment that we are raised in that make some individual develop into evil entity. Personally, I believe that some individuals are born evil.

There is some school of thought that would allege that where there is good in order to maintain a balance there must be evil.  But how could we justify the fact that young children developed this propensity to undertake some of the most vile and vicious crime that we have seen committed.

What could allow a child to kill another, or an individual to decide that they are going to slaughter other human beings without so much as a conscience to understand that they are murdering another person.

Psychologists define these individuals as psychopaths are having schizophrenia, a mental disorder marked by the disconnection between thoughts, feelings or action.  But is society so confused about these killers that we believe that we have to find a means or mechanisms to justify their bad behaviour in order to satisfy ourselves that evil does not exist.

I feel compelled to write my thoughts on this issue having watched a television programme where a sixteen year old boy got himself attached to a family and although they treated this individual like one of their own he repaid the kindness of this family by killing their fifteen year old daughter.

It was unbelievable the manner in which he murdered this young lady, after trying to strangle her and finding it difficult to do that he then used a rock to repeatedly bash her head in, he then when and called his friends to show him how he had killed this innocent young woman and is only concerned was that he could not strangle her.  He showed no remorse for his actions and I cannot forget the words of one of the reporters who covered the story, he stated that in 40 years of covering such incidents that young man was “ the most evil “ that he came across.

Having watched the programme in its entirety there was nothing from an environmental point of view that would cause this individual to commit such a brutal act.  There was nothing done to him during his upbringing that could be used as an excuse for the monster that he turn out to be, and therefore, I am firmly of the opinion that just as many of us are born without evil intention there are those that are born with a level of evil within them and no amount of love will ever change these people.

I imagine that give certain circumstances the vast majority of human being will kill but will only do so if our loved ones or our lives were threatened and that we call self-defence, but we do not go around thinking of ways to harm another human being however, whether we are willing to accept it or not there are evil among us and unless we are willing to accept this we are going to constantly make the wrong decisions when it comes to these evil beings.

This individual was given a life sentence, but it was also recommended that he serve 14 years before he was allowed to seek parole, that I find ridiculous, he did not murder another human being to save his life, he cold blooded talk this young woman into following him into a secluded area, and because she trusted him she when with him and he brutally took her life, why should be ever be released from prison, do they believe that 14 years behind bars is suddenly going to give him a conscience.  Individuals like that should be locked up for life and that kind of evil should not be allowed to ever come back into our society.

The sooner society recognise that there are good and evil among us and when we identify evil we deal with it effectively, we do not give evil a fancy name we do not try to fix it then maybe in the long term we may curtail some of the atrocities that have been perpetrated upon the human race by pure EVIL.

By Sandrea: My Opinion