Federal authorities have recently charged four California men with plotting to kill US citizens overseas and in the US.

According to statistics between 1980 and 2000 there were 250 attacks that the FBI classified as domestic terrorism because they were carried out by US citizens.

Most people when they hear the word terrorism they associate it with people that are killed by suicide bombers or blown apart by a bomb attack and until we have incidents like the 7/7 attack in London most of us do not associate terrorist from a domestic point of view.

I suppose we expect a terrorist act from fundamentalist outside of our domain.  The scope of terrorism as broadened since 9/11 and it is now recognized that a bomb is not the only method that a terrorist will use.  So it is easy to distance ourselves from the terrorist act perpetrated in the Middle East, until it appears on our doorstep.

Terrorism is now associated with, for example the shooting of the Sikh Temple where 6 people including the gunman lost is life. It is hard to understand how a person can live in a community, walk among the people even befriend some and then have no conscience in undertaking activities that they know will kill and wreck community.

We all have different ideas when it comes to our political, religious or ideological views and most of us will use the ballot box to elect representatives that we believe will pursue the changes that we believe are right.  However there is a minority that believes that they have to wage war with causes death and mayhem in order to put their ideas across.

Terrorism is the act of using fear and panic to achieve objectives and in some cases innocent people are killed in order for the terrorist to draw attention to what they believe is a genuine cause.

So, is there any way in which domestic terrorism can be stopped.  Given the fact that there are so many different groups fighting for what they believe in, whether it is for animals, against abortion, the Militia, each believe their cause is just and although the majority will use peaceful means there is a percentage of hardcore hardliner who see terror as their choice of weapon.

In my opinion domestic terrorism is going to be a difficult thing to control and we have to applaud the security services when they are able to prevent these malicious acts, but personally I do not believe that we can eradicate this evil from our society until we learn how to trust and communicate effectively with each other.


By Sandrea: My Opinion