Is the world  a safer place since the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Both countries were invaded because it was assumed that one has weapons of mass destruction and the other was providing a safe haven and training for al-Qaeda terrorist organisation, and some terrorist that was connected to the 9/11 attack on the United States.

War is never the answer, but one would be naive to believe that there are not some circumstances that would merit the taking up of arms.  Where there are clear signs of preventing a human tragedy from dictatorial regimes, ethnic cleansing or terrorist actions which causes mayhem and destruction of human lives war may sometimes be the only solution in the preservation of a person and prevent injustices.

World War 11 was fought on the premise that Hitler’s agenda for the world was inhumane and if he was not stopped the planet would have been different where anyone who did not represent a certain way acceptable to him would be annihilated, tolerance of each other would not be allowed.  So on those principles millions of men women and children die in order for democracy to reign.

How do we now equate the conflicts that took place in Iraq and ongoing in Afghanistan.  Since the conflict and subsequent withdrawal of troops from Iraq is the country in any better position or did we just remove one dictator and leave the country and its people worse off than before.  Every day in Iraq people die from suicide bombers and other terrorist activities.  There have been in excess of 434 deaths since the Allied forces left the country.  So what have we achieved, apart from getting rid of Saddam Hussein.

Afghanistan, currently still with NATO forces in the country and every day the body count grows.  On both sides there is deaths and it is made even more disturbing when Allied forces are being killed by individuals dressed in Afghan security uniforms.  There is no trust between Afghan security, Allied forces and the Afghan people.  Furthermore, there are no signs that the Talibans are going to slip away quietly leaving the people to re-build the country.

In my opinion the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan seems only to escalate terrorist activities across both countries. Terrorism as spread into Pakistan irrespective of what the US is doing to curtail such activities.

There is no way in all honesty that we can say that the world is a safer place when there are innocent people being systematically slaughtered all over the planet.  Terrorism is now so wide-spread that the sanctity of a church is longer a protect haven as have been reported from Nigeria, where a number of attacks on place of worship have left several dead and many wounded.

How can we as human beings drag ourselves from the edge of a precipice that is threatening to engulf and destroy us.  As we keep our eyes on the Israeli and Palestinian crisis in our minds we must be wondering when will this end and our planet return to be civilized.

By Sandrea: My Opinion