With regard the media report that Edward Snowden stated that he took the position with  the US government contractor in order to gain access to information that he had published, then he should face the consequences of his action.

There is no honour in the fact that we, human beings claimed that our principles are such that we believe that it is important to break laws that we are aware exist and then decide to evade the law by running all over the world seeking asylum for actions that we clearly understood that would put our liberty in jeopardy.

Whether one agrees with the stance that Edward Snowden takes, in my opinion, if he feels so strongly about his actions stand up and be counted and if that means that he may have to go to prison for his belief then he should not shirk that responsibility.

In my opinion I believe that most of the countries that are accepting him are doing so because they like to see the US get a bloody nose and the fact that it as come to light that the US is monitoring its citizen gives other countries the knowledge that the US cannot tell them how to treat their citizens as it would smack of double standards.

However, in the long term those same countries will find that Mr Snowden is untrustworthy and he will not be given the same accolade that he his enjoying at the present time and that is the reason that he should have stood his grounds, face the consequences of his action in the US and his credibility would have been much more sustained.

Although there is every reason to believe that he will be arrested should he return to the US that is exactly what he should do.  I do not believe he understood that living ones life as a fugitive is not all that it crack up to be, having to constantly look over your shoulders, even if one of the country that he his seeking asylum gives it to him.

By Sandrea: My Opinion