There is no doubt in anyone minds that there are truly human monsters amongst us and that they dwell within our communities.

It is heart-rending to read the story surrounding the kidnap and illegal detention of Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina Dejesus, and the appalling condition and the nightmare they have endured during the last ten years.  It is unbelievable that another human being could inflict that kind of pain and trauma on another and therein lies the monsters that are part of our environment.

However, although these individuals are the most despicable of the human race killing them is never the answer as death is the final stage of our life and when these individuals are put to death they are not given the opportunity to repent for the crimes that they commit.  The greatest punishment for this individual is to know that the people that he has wronged is alive and living a productive life whilst he will languish in prison for the rest of his natural life.

I am not an advocate of the death penalty because I do not believe it was or ever will be a deterrent to crime and the criminal elements of our society has proved that to be so, although they are aware that the death penalty exists in some US states they continue to commit the most heinous of crimes.

Human beings seem to have this tendency to want revenge and that is the reason that we find ourselves in the precarious situation that we are in, it is especially counterproductive when it is the authority that it would appear that is seeking revenge.  It is their responsibility to punish those that commit criminal offenses and the death penalty should never be a part of that punishment, it make the authority appear to promote state sanction murder and in a civilized society we should always elevate ourselves above the criminal elements.

There is no doubt that what was done to these three innocent women was above and beyond human decency and most of us will never be able to understand or even come to terms with the monstrous behaviour of what was inflicted on them, but let us be more humane that he was and not put him to death, he needs to live to face those women, not just in court but knows that he cannot ever touch them again.

We do understand that brand of evil but once again death of those individual is not the answer and I hope that the prosecutor in this case does not seek the death penalty, because killing that human monster is not going to give back the ten years that he has stolen from these women or the trauma they have gone through.

By Sandrea: My Opinion