With the deaths of another 112 factory workers in Bangladesh from a fire, how much more lives must be lost before human lives are put before profits.

Over the last couple of years factory fire have caused several deaths among the poorest of society. September 2012 – 38 people lost their lives in a fireworks factory fire in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. September  2012 – 264 people killed in a garment factory in Pakistan city of Karachi. November 1993 – over 80 workers were killed in a toy factory fire in southern China. May 1993 – there were at least 188 people killed in a Thai toy factory.

It appears to me that we have gotten to the point where we no longer care about the sanctity of human lives,  and these people are allowed to employ individuals at cheap labour and put them in an unsafe working environment with no regard for their safety or lives,  in my opinion these unscrupulous business people are getting away too often with these bad business practices.

This happens to be the 21st century and there are more than enough procedures and protocol available to those who establish a factory for others to undertake work, to put in place adequate and effective safety regulation that in the event of an accident the lost of life is minimal.  For so many people to  lose their lives is an indication that these safety rules are not being adhered to.

Looking at the statistics of the area in which the fires occur one can draw their own conclusion that this is happening in the area of severe poverty where the people are not overly concern with safety so long as there is some kind of employment available to them in order that they can take care of their families.

The thought that these people are being exploited is unbelievable. To think that we have placed such small value of human lives that year after year we have no problems with watching them burn in a factory with unsafe safety regulations is an indication, in my opinion that human beings will always put greed before the lives of anyone else and those in a position to make effective changes to ensure these kinds of incidents are remote, are as bad as the owners of these factories.

When it emerge that there were individuals that were employed in what was called ‘sweatshops’ condition there were protest across the globe for these practices to be stopped, so why can we not protest against these unsafe factories, as human beings it is our responsibility to take actions, make our voices heard and let those in position of authority know that we cannot condone these bad business practices, because if we do not, then the body count will continue to go up and more people are going to die in these unnecessary factory fires.


By Sandrea: My Opinion