Society accepts that when there is conflict and countries goes to war then it stands to reason that both sides will lose the lives of their soldier.

Although as a society we accept the casualty of war we still ensure that even in battle there is a set of criteria which each side is allowed to follow and we expect that when a solider is capture that they are treated with respect and in accordance with the criteria that is established, therefore if an individual is tortured during captivity then society will, once they can confirm such actions will do everything in its power to ensure that the torturer is brought to justice.

Following the second world war conflict at the end, Nazis were hunted because of the inhumane and unspeakable act that they perpetrated on, especially the Jews, so it stands to reason that we accept even in a time of disagreement that individuals will act with humanity.

I outlined the above because of the fact that former Manson follower Leslie Van Houten, who spend so far 44 years in prison as come in front of the parole board again.  She accepted that was she did was unforgivable and inhumane and that over the lass 44 years she has changed and she would like to be given a chance to demonstrate to the world that she in fact change and would now want to live a productive life.

On the other side of the coin there is the family who lost their love ones who do not believe that she should be paroled because of the crime that was committed, and I suppose there are those that would agree with them.

In my opinion, we should never seek vengeance against anyone regardless of the circumstances, and although we can never be certain that a person as totally changed their ways, we have to give them a chance.  Considering that she was young when she assisted in the commission of the crime and have been imprisoned for 44 years we should show some compassion.

There is nothing that we can do for the lives that have been lost, but if as a society we decide that a person that makes a mistake should never be given a second chance then we are also acting in an inhumane way.  I am under no illusions that there are individuals that have committed crimes that should never see the light of day and I imagine there are very few of those, but prison in my opinion suppose to be there to rehabilitate those that can and allow them another chance.

Therefore, I do believe that human beings have the capacity to atone for our monstrous behaviour and I hope that society will indeed give those that seek the second chance another crack at being a decent productive individual.

By Sandrea: My Opinion