Our planet Earth, according to astrologers is in a galaxy called the ‘Milky Way, and is one of several other planets.

Why do human beings believe that they are so special that among the millions of galaxies seen and unseen to us , that there are not other life forms like us or even more technologically advance than we are.

Roswell, New Mexico is one the the enigma of our time where it was alleged that beings from another planet landed on earth during the 1940’s.  Irrespective of whether there was a cover-up about the events of Roswell there are those, like me who believe that other life forms are a reality and not fiction as some would have us believe.

As human being we have this propensity to believe that if we cannot see it, touch it or feel it them it does not exist.  This is such a bigoted attitude.  We ridicule those that are fortunate to witness a UFO, we called them nutcases and lunatics all because they are privileged to see something that most of us never get the opportunity to witness.

There may be one important factor why other life forms refuse to show themselves to the majority of us.  They most likely are looking at the warmongers that we are and decide that it is best to stay away from us because if we cannot live among each other peacefully, we undertake some of the most devastating atrocities against each other, we fail to respect each other, compromise our decency and dignity, what chance would they have to be treated with any empathy.

If we look at other life form in the guise of a dream, when we dream all the people we encounter, whether we know them or not are known only to the dreamer and until we relay our dreams to another person and mention the fact that they feature in our dream that individual is none the wiser.  This is the same principles that apply to someone who sees a UFO, there is no way that so many thousands of people could be perpetrating a conspiracy on us, witnesses range from police officers, doctors, teachers, and politicians, are all these individuals nutcases, of course not.

There are no doubt that sightings occur which have a logical explanation but the vast majority cannot be explained and we should not be so quick to write them off as delusions.

It is time that we seriously consider the possibility that we are not alone and that other life forms are either watching or circling our planet, they can either be hostile or friendly and if we bury our proverbial heads in the sand and believe that we are so special and the only life that exist in the universe we may eventually find ourselves invaded and caught with our pants down.


By Sandrea: My Opinion