The media story that a conservative MP was released on bail following assault allegations that was made against him, seems to have sections of the public in disbelief.

Why do we assume that because an individual public persona is out-going, friendly, sympathetic and appear to be decent meant that their private life is the same.  As human beings we have the ability to mask from the public what we do not want them to see, therefore I do not fine it surprising when sometimes our private lives catch up with our public one.

There are individuals within our society that believe that they can get away with just about anything because the public facade they show means that if anyone accuse them of a criminal act then the public will tend not to believe the accuser because the person they are accusing seems to be, for the want of a better word, nice.

For many years women who suffered domestic violence from their partner refuse from coming forward precisely because they did not believe anyone would believe them, their partner had the ability to ensure that their conduct in public was above reproach and therefore when they beat their wives in the privacy of their home it become difficult for that person to get anyone to believe the nightmare that they were living in.  It took some drastic steps by a few women to bring into the limelight that the smile and laughter their spouse showed to the world hide a monster behind close door.

History taught us that human beings are capable of just about anything and there are those in our community that believe that they are above the law and they can do what they like, when they like and get away with it because they appear more believable than the person who might make an accusation against them.

There are however, those that are quite innocent of the accusation against them, because on the other hand there are those who will set out to destroy the reputation of another person if they do not get what they want from that individual.  Sometimes we place ourselves in a compromising situation and we should not be surprised when it blows up in our face.

As a society we have to look at every aspect of any complaints from an evidentiary view point and ensure that if we are going to ruin people’s reputation or bring justice to those that have been wronged lets make sure that the evidence is there to justify either way and not just assume that the victims or the perpetrators is right the evidence must lead us to the truth.

In my opinion we should not be surprised when another human being makes a mistake or is accused of a criminal offense, after all we are only human and extremely fallible and certainly not perfect.

By Sandrea; My Opinion