Every time that a country with nuclear weapons square off with another, I realise that there is a real threat to mother earth which have nothing to do with natural disasters.

This planet have experience the most destructive earthquakes, tornadoes, torrential rain, landslides, tsunami and hurricanes and although each comes with death and destruction cause devastation and traumatic events, we manage to pick ourselves up and start over again.

The recent hurricane called Sandy destroyed Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean before heading to the east coast of the US where is reeked havoc on New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas.  It causes power failure for days flooded homes shut down the transportation system and with all of that mayhem I knew that we would fight our way back to repairing the damages that was done to the country. So as Sandy passes through, the people of New York and all other affected areas began picking themselves up and begin the re-generation process.

How can we as a race unite in times of crisis, yet we failed so miserable to unite as human beings to safeguard our planet.

The threat to our planet is real and it is not from any natural disaster, it is because of human beings.  We have been given every opportunity to make our planet superior instead we are waging war against each other, Muslims against Christians and anyone who does not believe in or question their way of life, east against the west and blacks against whites and the tragedy of our negative behaviour continues.

As a race we are inventive and creative and our inventiveness caused us to create the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and although we fool ourselves to believe that they are only there for deterrent purposes we know that sooner or later a country that have nuclear capability will eventually go to war and in the process will unleash the deadliest weapon know to mankind.

It is not really the earthquakes or hurricanes or any other natural disaster that I am scared of, it is the knowledge that the real threat to earth is going to be the most sophisticated of the species, human beings.

By Sandrea: My Opinion