The ongoing saga into the phone and the computer hacking scandal, and other breaches of privacy and corruption of public officials continue to be a black mark on the British society.

How much do we need in order to compromise our dignity and integrity.

With over twenty people charged with crimes or criminal acts, it is now being reported by the media that prosecutors have stated that a senior civil servant at the UK Ministry of Defense was on the payroll of the Sun for almost a decade and was paid £100,000.

There are times when some people’s chosen career gives them access to privileged information that they find reprehensible and have a need to make the public aware of.  However, the minute you accept payment you compromise your integrity and even if the information was important it loses credibility in the exchange of financial rewards.

The public need for information and what is happening in our society should be tempered with dignity.  There should never be any circumstances that information is acquired at all cost especially those that intrude on the privacy of others whether they are celebrities, royals or the ordinary man in the street.

We destroy the moral fabric of society when in order to achieve sensational headlines or be the first to break what is seen as a riveting story, we allow ourselves to cross the lines of decency into the gutter.  Several of the people associated with this fiasco would not find themselves involved had they taken the time to assess their integrity or ask themselves whether they would want negative information about them to be put in the public domain.

One of the greatest decision that would prevent sleaze and corruption is when human beings can self assess, when we take the time to evaluate ourselves and recognize that what we would not wish upon ourselves then we should never impart onto another.

At the end of this unfortunate affair dignity and integrity will be destroyed, some may find themselves convicted and imprisoned and they will ask the age old question, was it worth it.


By Sandrea: My Opinion