The taking of any life is deplorable and inhumane, but when the taker of that life is a child it is even more heinous.

There is no way anyone can even begin to contemplate the hell that the James Bulger family had to endure, knowing that their son was never given the chance to become a man, never was allowed to go to university, had a girlfriend, or even had his heart broken, as Jon Venables and his accomplice saw to that.

What will it take for society to recognize that there are some individuals that can never be reformed and that the only way in which to keep the rest of society safe from these culprits is to ensure that that stay behind bars for the rest of their natural life.

Having murdered James Bulger when he himself was only ten years old, Jon Venables was released from prison and given a new identity which infuriate the British Public. That was not enough he was then sent back to prison for breaking the terms of his parole and now once again the parole board decide that he should be once again released.

It is unbelievable, we have to ask ourselves what or how many lives must be taken before the criminal justice system begin to understand that they cannot reform the unreformable.  How do they believe that the family of James Bulger must be feeling knowing that the person responsible for the death of their child will be once again free to walk our streets, and move amongst us as if he did not commit one of the most heinous of crimes.

It is very difficult for any normal individual to understand how or what could make a child resort to such violent actions, actions that was not in defense of one’s life, but the systematic beating of what, in my opinion was a baby, to death.

The citizen of the UK will have a right to be in awe as there is no justification or even understanding as to why this person will not spend the rest of his life behind bars where he will not pose any danger to society.  The parole board got it wrong once and they are hell-bent on making the same mistake again and should Jon Venables commits another crime whilst he is released again on parole I hope the Board that make that ill-thought out decision will be able to live with the consequences because as the saying goes ‘a leopard never changes its spots’.

By Sandrea: My Opinion