Can there ever be any kind of justification for atrocities committed during war.

War in the sense of the word is described as armed hostility, especially between nations and therefore, it is expected that during the conflict there will be deaths and mayhem on both sides.

In any conflict there is also the expectation that there will be civilian deaths of which this is a by product of war as a bomb dropped on a building or within a specific area do not differentiate who is the enemy and those that are classified as civilians.

However, what happen when an individual soldier decide to commit atrocities by killing what is termed innocent individuals.  In the case of the soldier that allegedly killed 16 Afghanistan people, how can we begin to understand the justification for such atrocities.

Soldiers are trained to kill, they are trained to, not just defend their country but their comrades and in doing so, are they allowed to snapped for reason best know to them that they decide to unilaterally kill those that are suppose to be innocent combatants.

The world will hear testimony from Afghanistan children has to the reign of terror that they and their families endured during this allege shooting by this soldier and of course, we are going to be appalled that this could happen but before we decide that this individual should be drawn and quartered let us try to understand the reasons.

Of course, there can never be any justification when an individual commits such criminal acts but we can at least understand the why.  We have young men and women fighting a war thousands of miles from their homes, watching their comrades been blown apart by suicide bombers and having to witness the body bags constantly being loaded onto planes being sent home to families to be buried and as civilians we cannot understand what impact that must have on a serving soldier.

We will convince ourselves that they are trained to withstand this kind of situation and we will definitely forget that we are talking about a human being first and foremost and a soldier secondly.  It appears that as civilians we have the right to sometimes snapped and in many cases when we do the consequences are dire for other human beings and it is in that context that although we cannot condone what this specific soldier did we have to have a modicum of understanding of the act.

The over-whelming problem that any military face is how can we prevent this from happening during any armed conflict and I believe that these actions by individual soldier are very difficult to detect, irrespective of all of the so-called procedures that are put in place to identify when a soldier will go rogue it become much more difficult for the military to identify these individuals as they do not go around with a tattoo on their forehead stating that they are capable of such acts.

Hopefully, we will not see many more of these kind of incidents, but if I am being honest, in my opinion so long as we continue to have armed conflicts we will see these type of human behaviour, justified or not.

By Sandrea: My Opinion