By Sandrea:- My Opinion

Politicians from all walk of life need to adapt this old age adage “he that keepeth his mouth, keepeth is political life”. 

United States Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney should realise that if you are going to run for the most powerful office in the world then you need to know when to speak and when to shut your mouth.  The president of one of the largest democracy in the world must have the ability to negotiate with everyone irrespective of who and what they are and you do not get to pick and choose, if your aim is to create a peaceful world.

Mitt Romney is under fire for remarks that he made during a fund raising dinner, and his remarks demonstrates that one should know how to conduct oneself especially if you want to become the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet.

As  been reported in the media, he was asked at the fundraiser if the “Palestinian problem” can be solved, Mr Romney said the Palestinians have “no interest whatsoever in establishing peace, and that the pathway to peace is almost unthinkable to accomplish.”

The comments drew anger from Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erakat, who called them “absolutely unacceptable,” and provided the White House with fresh ammunition to paint the Republican challenger as unpresidential.

Mr Romney faced a barrage of domestic criticism on Monday over initial excerpts from the May 17 fundraiser in which he wrote off Democratic voters as “victims” who are dependent on government handouts and beyond his help.

The liberal magazine Mother Jones then revealed all of Mr Romney’s remarks at the $50,000-a-plate Florida event, spilling out more damaging material, particularly on the Israeli-Palestinian question.

Politicians need to realise that this is the 21st century and we are in a technological world whereby every smart phone can record and video every conversation that is being discussed, we have long past the days when a politician can say what they like and it would most probably take a reporter with a camera and sound equipment so large that it would be hard to disguise, that they are being recorded.

Being a controversial politician is not a crime but an effective leader must have the ability to deal with every eventuality, be able to represent their country not only internally, but externally and with the integrity and dignity that is required to do so and what Mitt Romney have demonstrated is that he does not have those characteristics in order to fulfil the requirement of an effective leader much less hold the office of President.

He toured the Middle East and make statements which upset the Palestinians, he made comments in the US which upset the African American community and like a roller coaster that have no brakes he kept right on shooting himself in his foot.  It takes certain kind of individuals to become a politician and it would appear that some people that put themselves forward, do not have a clue how to do this effectively.

It would be naive to believe that we can have pure politicians, but at least they should be capable of not continuing diminishing their chances of getting elected.