As the new Pope made his comments regarding the global financial system, he is only confirming what the vast majority of people around the world know.

There is never ever going to be any kind of equality so long as greed exists and those that are already wealthy continue to want more.  There is no doubt that the Pope is right when he said that money should not rule, but it should serve.

If we cast our minds back to the recent Bangladesh fire in which so many people lost their lives one would have to be naive to believe that the reason for this was not purely greed.  It was important to have poor people working in unsafe conditions because the supposed owners care more about the amount of money that they made rather than the safety of the workers and it was greed that cause the deaths of so many.

In order for the rich to stay that way they have to ensure that they keep the majority of the people poor as poverty generate the wealth that they seems to believe that they need.  Yet there is one overwhelming factor that those that are wealthy seem to forget, irrespective of how much money one possesses everyone will eventually die and we are not taking any of those worldly possessions with us.

If we take a moment to read the bible we would see that St Mark chapter 8 verse 38 “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul”. As a race we are never going to have any kind of equality, if we continue this greed and envy that we seems to harbor.

The world’s people may want to bury their heads in the sand and do not accept that the reason that we have so much crime within our communities is primarily to do with greed, there are numerous cases where human beings have murdered each other in order to gain life insurance polices and those actions are predicated on the notion that money makes you happy and irrespective of what one have to do to acquire it they will do and that is what makes our society so sad.

Poverty is the blueprint of crime and criminal activities and greed the trigger.  If we look at criminal activities such as the mafia, drug dealers, and those whose are alleged to smuggle human beings, all those criminal events are to do with the amount of money that can be achieved.  There have been many individuals who have lost their lives because they were kidnapped and murder simply because their family have money and there are those diabolical human beings who do not believe that they should work for their wealth.

Until we as a society find a fair way to distribute equally the wealth that is around us money will rule rather than serve and eventually we will destroy ourselves because of our greed.

By Sandrea: My Opinion