Is there any justification for our government to use civilian security and traffic cameras to spy on us.

Since 9/11 and 7/7 terrorist atrocities, governments have increased the use of technological devices that would appear as an intrusion into our private lives. But are they  really intrusive or have they made us better protected against another terrorist attack.

The public demands actions of our respective governments when terrorist unleash their lethal brand of death into unsuspecting innocent civilians, in order to do so the government will naturally have to establish systems and procedures that will give the security service the advantage and ability to identify and stop those that are hell-bent on causing chaos and mayhem in our society.

But some believe that they have gone too far in the manner in which they are protecting us.  According to a media report anyone who takes a photograph of a high risk location is logged as a suspected terrorist on a network spy camera that is linked to the US government.

I can imagine that this latest development will cause uproar among activists who believe that the use of any surveillance camera is an infringement of our freedom.  But if you are not involved in any criminal activities what do you have to fear.

Irrespective of our beliefs CCTV has helped the police solve crimes where there is no human witness and the camera becomes the only reliable evidence that they can use to convict people who commit crimes in the vicinity where these cameras is established.

Terrorist and their activities have changed the way in which we live our lives and we have to accept, even if we believe that the government is intruding on our privacy that private living when out the door the moment the Twin Towers came down and London buses and tube blown apart by terrorist bombs killing innocent people.

I believe that there is a recognition among moderate people that our society have gotten more violent over the last twenty years and if we are to make any progress in curtailing these violent acts then government has to establish protocols that will enable them to identify those who have the potential and fanatical ideas of destroying our way of life.

We have to recognize that violence have now gotten so entrenched in society that more than 200 schools have installed cameras in their toilets and changing rooms to stem the flow of assault on pupil that happen in those areas.

In an environment where fanatical individuals have the capability of murdering hundreds of people in one act of terrorism, we have to accept that our privacy becomes secondary in order to stop these acts and we cannot tie the hands of our government if they are to prevent terror activities.

There are however no reasons why we should not have checks and balances to ensure that the information is used precisely for security reasons and in the interest of justice and not for the manipulation of the masses.

We need the activists to make their voices heard as they are the ones who will ensure that the government and their security service operate in the interest of the people. Whether activist organizations such as WikiLeaks is productive or counterproductive outlet for information to the public, is a matter of personal opinion.

By Sandrea: My Opinion