In light of the media report that the UK, Sweden, Norway and Denmark have suspended financial aid to Uganda for alleged corruption scandal in which millions of donor funds were embezzled, did the governments monitor the financial aid effectively.

There is no doubt that poor and destitute countries look for richer and more affluent ones for financial aid and sometimes because of famine or other natural disasters we have a humanitarian obligation to assist these countries in financial difficulty.

However, when governments are allocating taxpayers money in aid they should have a responsibility to ensure that every penny of that aid will be used to effectively target the majority of the people and not just a few. It is mind boggling to believe that millions of pounds are being given to countries without checks and balances.

One would indeed be amazed and even flabbergasted to think that our elected government could be allocating aid to to regime steeped in corruption not demonstrating how they are spending the financial aid, and more importantly it would be worth knowing how long these bad practices have been ongoing.

Twenty seven millions of taxpayers money is an enormous amount and irrespective of the fact that the government is now withholding eleven million they have still so far given sixteen million to the Ugandan regime.

One can understand the frustration of not just the British people but all the other countries involved in allocating aid.  When information emerges that involve corruption it tarnish the aid process make individual sceptical of donating to charities that desperately need our financial help as it make us wonder where and how our hard earn resources are being used. If these allegations prove to be accurate then it would most likely damage financial aid to other countries.

In my opinion we should not refrain from giving aid to countries that depend on us for our support, but we must have in place systems that check to ensure that every single pound, dollar or Euro is accounted for and that it go to the masses who desperately need it and not end up in the hands of unscrupulous regimes.

By Sandrea: My Opinion