It is unbelievable to believe that anyone who have any knowledge of football could even begin to compare Pele with Cristiano Ronaldo. 

However, according to a report that is exactly what was done apparently, Gary Lineker, an Ex footballer himself, stated  that Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Pele, so let’s look at the two.

According to stat information Pele has 614 club goals achieved over 18 years and that does not take into account his time with the NY Cosmos, Ronaldo has 233 club goals in 12 years, Pele credited 3 world cup titles and Ronaldo so far zero.

Just looking at the stats one can clearly see that Pele outshine and out-class Ronaldo any day, there is no doubt that this young man has great talent, but to say he his better than Pele, is ridiculous and in my opinion a disrespect to one of the greatest footballer the world has ever seen.

From a lay person point of view sometime I believe that some individual mouth and their brain lost touch with each other and what comes out of their mouth is so ridiculous it beggar belief.  One should not tarnish the achievement of anyone especially and individual that have given so much to society not just with his skill but the manner and standard in which he held himself and I find the comment to be ill-thought out.

In order for anyone to make that comparison Ronaldo would have had to been every record set by Pele and win 4 world cup title to come close to the great man, maybe one day Ronaldo may achieve that feat, but in the meantime let us continue to give people the respect that he deserves, he earned it and we should never forget that.

By Sandrea: My Opinion