As most of us are aware that the flu season normally starts in October and usually ends around May.  However, it is alleged that December, January and Feburary are typically the worst months for flu. Whilst in most cases there is not much that we can do about catching the flu, there are ways in which we can limit the impact on our bodies.

So, I have listed five exotic fruits that we can consume during the winter months to help us ward off the flu.


These look like apples or pears, but Quinces are much healthier and may help to ward off the flu. They are high in anti-viral phenolic compounds that have been found to combat the influenza virus.  These fruits are mostly found in Asian and Middle Eastern markets.  Quinces taste much better when they are cooked.

Asian Pear

These are perfect for cold storage, can be found in grocery stores.  They have significantly more fiber than other pear varieties, good for your heart and help to even ward off diabetes.


These olive-sized shaped citrus fruit are full of disease fighting antioxidants.  Five of these fruits contain about five calories, contain potassium and rich in vitamin A and C.

Star Fruit or Carambolas

Exotic fruits are generally high in Vitamin C, higher in potassium, they are good for your heart and pack full of fiber.  When buying Star Fruit look for firm, shiny, even-coloured yellow fruit.  Remember to handle Star Fruit with care as they bruise easily.


This fruit is a relative of the lychee family, they can also be found in Asian shops or markets.  They are traditionally used to settle upset stomach.  Longans are high in disease fighting antioxidants and are great natural flu remedies