According to the media a research has been published which suggest that by 2025 the British will have the fattest people in Europe.

I cannot understand why this comes as a surprise to anyone.  Thirty years ago the majority of parents would prepare meals for their families and fast food would be a treat on a specific day of the week primarily on Fridays.

It becomes the norm now for fast food to be consumed in mass quantity.  We no longer bother with cooking as it is much easier to purchase fast food than to prepare a meal from scratch.

It is understandable that the researcher into this problem would suggest that there needs to be a law to reduce the sugar content in the product that we consume, and that may tackle part of the problem. However, the only way that we can avoid this problem, in my opinion is to be effectively educated as to really what obesity means for the people that it will affect.

According to statistics, there are 64% of adults that are classed as being obese. If this figure is accurate, then there is going to be an overall increase in heart attacks, diabetes and strokes.

Taking into account the figure as it now stands if they are now suggesting that there will be an even further increase in the number of people who are classified as obese we are going to have a serious crisis on our hands if we do not do something fundamental about this problem.

If the report is true that in 2014 there are now 641 million people who are obese this according to the media as increase by a 105 million since 1975.

The sad part of all this doom about obesity is the fact that children are also affected and most likely if their parents are overweight then there is a tendency for the children to be the same.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that we have to tackle the problem of obesity vigorously, but as individuals we have to take responsibilities for our own actions and change our lifestyle in order to be healthy.  We have to make the decision to have a balance diet, exercise and cut out all these fast fatty food that we consume by the ton.  In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having the occasional fast food, the trick is to do so in moderation.

Let’s not forget that stress plays a major part in obesity, because when some individual are stressed out they will comfort eat and the more you do so the more weigh one pack on.  So it is not only the government has a role to play, in whether we become a fat nation individuals and other organization as to become involved if we are to stem the flow of obesity.