There is no doubt that the murder of Lee Rigby was ghastly, disgraceful, deplorable and unforgivable. However, as a society we cannot and should not allow this inhumane act to divide us.

The march by the English Defence League in the city of Newcastle, of which they are entitled to do, is not about the fact that a young man lost his life because of idiotic and stupid individuals that have been so brainwashed by their out-dated ideologies they are no longer in a position to differentiate right from wrong. In my opinion this march is orchestrated to incite anti-Muslim feeling amongst our society and that should be avoided at all cost.

It is very important that we recognize that in every section of society there are those with fanatical views and we cannot tarnish an entire sector of the community because they are unfortunate to have among their community those that have no respect for life and liberty.

We, as a society have an enormous responsibility to stamp out the fanatics, hooligans, racist, sexist and homophobic that are taking root within our environ and by doing so they are creating more chaos and mayhem than we need and if we are to defeat these undesirable amongst us the we must become a part of the security service eyes and ears, they need us to ensure that we remove these individuals from within our communities and put them where they rightly deserve to be and that is in prison.

The death of any family member is traumatic enough but to have them murder in this unnecessary way becomes even harder for any family to comprehend. I can only send my condolences and I imagine the rest of the country feels the same way, to the family of this young man who had so much to accomplish in his life and to have it taken away by bigots is shameful.

Let us hope that the police have caught the perpetrators of this heinous crime and that they will be swiftly dealt with and justice for Lee Rigby will be achieved.  Unfortunately, this does not bring back Lee, but I hope the justice that will be meted out to these undesirable of society will be so that others will think twice before they decide to take the life of another innocent person.

By Sandrea: My Opinion