I have recently come across an article featured in the media, where a New York woman is suing her nephew.

Apparently, four years ago while she was attending her nephew’s birthday party, he leaps into her arms and she sustained a broken wrist. She is now asking the courts to award her $127, 000 in compensation against her 12 year old nephew.

Ridiculous to even imagine that any relative could go so far, of course, this was clearly an accident, and I do not believe she recognized the definition of an accident, this is an unplanned event. Is she that desperate for money that she believes that her nephew is responsible for so-called pain and suffering.

It would be understandable, if her nephew was undertaking some childish prank and she warned him to stop, he did not, and as a result, she suffered an injury, but all, the boy was doing was hugging her in his excitement to see his aunt at his birthday party.

This kind of draconian money hungry attitude is the reason that our society has fallen so far into chaos that as human beings, we no longer can determine what is stupid and morally wrong.

I am not advocating that individual who were involved in an accident should not be compensated where, and if, necessary I am, however, saying that one should not confuse a genuine case of accidental damage with one such as this.

Quite frankly, I could not care less how much pain she claims that  she is suffering I personally believe to go about suing a child or the parents of this child are despicable and of course, I can imagine how confuse this child would be.

It is hard enough for an adult to get it around their head that an individual, especially an Aunt could be so cruel to a child, much more for a child to comprehend what he his being put through.

In my opinion, I am not suggesting that she could not be feeling a measure of discomfort because of the accident, but she should grow up and It would please me immensely if the court could reject her request and show her up for what she really is.