According to recent media reports Facebook is being criticized for using the user information for emotion manipulation study.

This has caused an outrage among its users and they have indeed made various comments to that effect.  However, how naive are we to believe that the information that we allow Facebook to hold on us from the moment we sign up, would not be used in some manner.  In my opinion, there is no way in which the public could believe that the realm of information that we continuously and freely part with on a daily basis, especially when we sign into any social media is somehow not being used.

Facebook is being used by million of people everyday and some people cannot function if Facebook goes down even for 10 minutes, I have friends who display withdrawal symptoms if they are unable to access Facebook.  In this kind of arena I would not be so naive to believe that the information that I freely provide to Facebook is sacrosanct and not used for research purposes.

I cannot believe that Facebook is the only social media that is using information for research purposes and therefore is we do not wish to be part and parcel of this event then we have a choice not to sign into these social media.

In my opinion, I believe that some form of research is undertaken on the general public every day and the fact that we do not know about them or have proof that they exist doesn’t mean that it is not happening.  We are fortunately or unfortunately reside in a technology bubble, where our lives are played out in the media therefore there is no escaping these kind of study.

By Sandrea: My Opinion