As the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  investigate the thirteen deaths that may be linked to a specific energy drink, we have to ask ourselves the question is some energy drinks potentially lethal.

People will tend to use anything they believe will boost their energy levels to give us that extra push to accomplish our task, whether it is to keep us awake for longer extra boost in the gym, whatever the reason we all at some time have one of these drinks.

The problem that we are now facing, as the FDA investigate, are some of these drinks effectively monitored in order to ensure the public is safe from danger. Whilst the investigation is ongoing and it must be said there are not yet any conclusive proof that these deaths are attributed to the energy drink we must however, be cautious of the amount of these drinks that we consume.

In the last few months this is the second energy drink that came under scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration.  Monster beverage is currently being sued in California by the family of a teenager that died after drinking two cans of Monster energy in a twenty-four hour period.

Consumers are not that naive to believe that if we consume too much drinks rich in stimulants such as caffeine that it will not have any adverse effect on our bodies.

However, energy drink manufacturers have an obligation, if they have not already done so, to the public to put  warnings on their products to indicate what possible side effects can occur if taken in excessive amount.  Afterall cigarette manufactors have to place warnings on their products, so if we choose to smoke we know the consequences of our own actions and therefore, eliminating any cause to bring legal actions against the companies.
By Sandrea: My Opinion