Domestic violence, in my opinion is about fear rather than power.

It is my opinion that people who commit domestic violence are cowards, they appear to function effectively in society, but they are scarred individuals who in order to, make themselves feel important they take their fears out in a negative manner on the one person who they should cherish.

Domestic violence is a serious act that is inflicted on another human being, it ruins lives, destroy families and leave lasting trauma on individuals that are subject to this type of violence.

Statistics has indicated that domestic violence is experience by about 1 million women each year and although there are some men who experience domestic violence, women are the in the majority.  It is a criminal act, but there are still many women that are trapped in relationship that domestic violence is the norm.

There are a lot of women who experience domestic violence who will tell you that after they have been used like a punch bag, their other half once calms down he will apologize and promise that the incident will never happen again, however this is a temporary phase and just about anything can ignite their temper and the cycle continues.

So, why do these women stay in relationships that are violent.  The excuse that I need him, he’s the children’s father, he’s the only bread winner and he did not mean to hit me, these are just poor excuses.  Unfortunately, if you do not live in someone else environment it is rather difficult to judge their decision and can only offer an opinion.

There are many organisation that cater for women involved in domestic violence, and contrary to popular belief, domestic violence know no boundary it happen in poor as well as affluent families.  I imagine the reasons that many women do not report domestic violence is because they are ashamed to let anyone know about the nightmare.

It is counterproductive to remain in any unhealthy relationship and especially if there are children involved.  It has been said that 750,000 children witness at least one incident of domestic violence.  According to the British Crime Survey, ‘victims of domestic violence are more likely to experience repeat victimization than victims of any other type of crimes’.

Clearly, we have to do everything humanly possible to prevent domestic violence as it is a stain in human evolution.  However, the security service cannot do it alone they need women who are experiencing domestic violence to report these crimes, women need to stop suffer in silence and seek help, this is the 21st Century and this type of behaviour can only continue if women tolerate it and keep quiet.

By Sandrea: My Opinion