Fanaticism is not heroic and it is time that those who are hell-bent on destroying the lives and liberty of others recognize that fact.

There is no doubt that over the world there have been injustice that have been perpetrated on several individuals, whether it is religion, racism, sexism and homophobic it happens.  However there is never any justification for revenge and in particular revenge that see innocent people losing their lives.

It has been said that the accused charged with the stabbing death of the British serviceman stated that he was a soldier, but what kind of soldier stab another to death on a suburban street, he was not on the battle field or having his life and liberty threaten he murders another human being because of fanaticism and he can never claim to be a hero.

Individuals that practice fanatical behaviour needs to understand that their behaviour is appalling and have no part in a twenty first century environment and irrespective of their warp ideologies and idiotic beliefs they cannot change the world with their terrorist attitude and if they have not learned that by now then they are in for a rude awakening.

No groups regardless of who they are have no right to impose their beliefs on another, we all have different culture and what we should be trying to achieve is a healthy respect for each other, not trying to bomb innocent people because they are different and they do not go along with fanatical beliefs.

Islam and the Islamic faith are taking a severe beating because of the fanatics that are within the walls of that religious beliefs and that is not fair to millions of Muslims that are decent law-abiding people and only want to live in peace and harmony with their fellow man.  Yet the murder of the young British serviceman has once again catapulted Islam into the limelight and the negative aspects of the religion is once again being questioned.

It is very important that those decent individuals within the faith made their voices heard they need to come out and strongly condemned the evil fanatical aspects that has aligned themselves to their faith, if they do not do they are giving the rest of the world the perceptions that they agree with what these fanatics are doing.

We cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend that as a Westerner we fully understand the ways of the Muslim, we cannot comprehend why they treat their women in the manner they do, we fail to come to terms with the fact that an individual could be stoned to death for such things as blasphemy, and  many individuals definitely cannot understand why Muslims believe that non Muslims are infidels.  However, those of us that have an inclination into the reasons understand that the Muslim faith will always remain the way it is but the fanatics within must understand that they do not have the capability to get us to go along the path they believe we should, it is a pipe-dream of which the Western society will never come to terms with.

By Sandrea: My Opinion