A  report published on Tuesday have indicated that human beings are decimating the python population for their skins.

European obsession with snake skins fashion have put the survival of these animals in real jeopardy. Italy, Germany and France are the biggest importers, but most of the skins come from Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

We have the technology to replicate these skins, yet in our pursuit for fashion accessories we are responsible for the virtual extinction of these magnificent animals.  Why do we need designer handbags, belts and wallets that are made from real snake skins when replica would do the same job.

Irrespective of the fact that control by CITES exist to ensure that endanger species are protected, that does not prevent these animals from be killed and their skins illegally sent to a country that will ignore the facts as to how they were obtained.

The study suggests that a huge part of the snake skin trade may be illegal and unsustainable.  I imagine that as the number of these animals dwindle in order to facilitate human beings greed and the unnecessary need for fashion accessories, the next generation may only be able to see a python from a photograph.

If one considers that almost half a million python skins are exported each year, that just gives us an example of the numbers that have to be slaughtered in order to meet that quota.

In this century we should not have to kill any animal unless it is in self defense, to protect our life or the life of our families, or for human consumption. To murder animals for their skins or hide for fashion purposes is archaic and downright ridiculous.

By Sandrea: My Opinion