Rich, coming from him, you cannot tackle extremism by words and so-called shutting down extremist schools.  If one uses such approach, then all that, one does is to push the activities of extremist underground where they cannot be monitored.

The extremist is already telling their young, impressionable souls that the government is against them and their way of life and that is the reasons that they are taking counterproductive actions against society. If you shut down their schools all you achieve is extending the propaganda machine they are already employed.

It beggars believe that Cameron can have the temerity of suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn have terrorist sympathizing Britain hating ideology, such utter rubbish.  One would assume that if you are an intelligent individual, then you would not be uttering such nonsense against your fellow politician.

Is he that insecure that he believes the only way the general public will buy into his crap if he come out with ridiculous statements such as that.  Granted a few people may believe it, but the mass of the British public recognizes crap when they hear it.

In my opinion, this is the so-called Prime Minister that is responsible for the majority of ails that is affecting our social and economical stability of the country.

Extremist ideology is bred because the unfair social climate that are forced upon us.  Unfair distribution of resources, where the rich get richer and the poor get significantly poorer, where we have to pay ‘bedroom’ tax if we there to have a spare bedroom so that family members can stay a night with their relatives.

We will never defeat extremism, and any government proclaims that they can be simply deluding themselves and the nation.  To have a hope of reducing extremism we have to stop pretending that we can tell other nation how to run their affairs, we have ensured that our children are better educated, be prepared to spend the necessary resources in ensuring that our young people are not easily led into believing the crap that extremist spew out to them.

To ignore that fundamental and only focus on closing down schools, we have lost the extremism battle.  There is nowhere is that speech that demonstrates, any hope for the destruction of extremism, the speech is devoid of any consistence, fundamental and grassroots methods to effective tackle extremism