It was reported today that a cyclist and a motorcyclist was injured in a rush hour collision, this morning in South London.

As a motorist I happen to be driving on the roads on numerous occasion and the manner in which cyclist ride and the risk that some of them take is unnecessary and in time put them in real danger.  They do not seem to understand that they have a duty of care when they are using the roads.

The most frustrating thing that they do is ride between the buses and other motor vehicles, they jump red lights, they do not ride single file and even where there is a clear cyclist lane available for their use they just ride out in from of another motorist totally ignoring the lanes provided for their use.

According to statistics in 2013, 14 cyclists were killed and 9 of those involved heavy goods vehicles.  The death so far in 2015, is five of which 4 of those killed on the roads is females. There is no doubt that the bicycles are a popular mode of transport and there are millions of individuals who use them each year and do so safely, however, those that are gambling with their lives is creating a vast problem for the majority.

It would appear that the death rate is not deterring these, what I call, careless cyclist to use the road with caution not only for themselves, but for the motorist who have to live with the knowledge that they have taken a human life even if they were not at fault.

No one can understand the devastation that follows when a motorist kill a cyclist, how do you live with that knowledge, how can you cope getting behind the wheel of any motor vehicle, what happen to the life of that person how does it affect their family.  We seem to always focus on the individual that is killed never the other person.

A cyclist has a responsibility to ensure they use the roads carefully as much as a motorist, we cannot work effectively with the cyclist if they insist on using the road without due care and attention, it is their life and they need to take more care to ensure they do not become statistics.