It has been reported  that one of the individual responsible for the assault on the 23 year old  student on an Indian bus, that subsequently died of her injuries in a Singapore hospital, as commit suicide.

Regardless of how society feel about heinous crimes the vast majority of human beings are born with a conscience and sometimes when we make mistakes it is our conscience that becomes our judge jury and executioner.

Irrespective, of the fact that we have so many crimes in our communities that we find appalling one should always remember that those crimes are not the norm and it is because of that why when they occur we find them so revolting.

I imagine for this young man to take his own life he most probably reach a state of mind in that he could no longer come to terms with the evil that he was a part of and I believe that his conscience played a major role in the fact that rather than face the criminal justice system he made the decision to take his own life.

Suicide in any religion is forbidden and therefore one need to understand how desperate an individual can become in order to take the decision to take their life, knowing that suicide is against the wish of God.  However, when we are govern by conscience rather than logic we are open to undertaking negative things as we are driven not by the  logical aspects of our minds but that which tells us that we have committed a grave injustice against society.

Of course, there are those in society that is devoid of a conscience and that is why there have been so many serial murderers that history documented.  It is hard to understand why anyone could take the life of another human being and it is not in a situation where it is an armed conflict and therefore each individual is fighting to preserve their life.

We can only speculate that this individual could not live with what he did; in fact in my opinion his conscience got the better of him.  It is a sad affair when we see suicide as the only option left to us regarding whatever demons we are fighting but sometimes our conscience becomes our own judge jury and executioner.

By Sandrea: My Opinion