There are times that I have to ask myself is the world really asleep, or we aren’t seeing what is happening to the children in Syria and Afghanistan, in fact all the sections of the world that is currently experiencing conflict.

I find it diabolically that because these idiotic insurgents in Afghanistan that is targeting the Americans, plant a bomb which detonate and kill ten children that were simply walking by.  What has happened to the conscience of these individuals that they can so callously not only target other human beings but fail to recognize that children will become part of the tragedy.

It is heart-rending from a parental point of view to see the television advert that shows the devastation of what is happening to the children in Syria, their plight is one that no child should have to ever experience.  Deaths of family member, houses destroyed, hardly any food and shelter, come on this is the twenty first century and children are living in these archaic conditions is just unbelievable.

Irrespective of how many children lost their lives in these unnecessary conflicts is a child too much.  We seem to be watching the destruction of the next generation and we are not doing a flaming thing about it.  Words are cheap and without actions they become meaningless.

It would appear that unless these dramatic events are happening in our backyard we become oblivious about what is going on, we seem to take the view that I am alright jack the rest of the world do not matter, but it does and if we continue to ignore the plight of children around the world regardless of what chaos and mayhem they are experiencing we will eventually realize that we are only destroying ourselves.

The insurgents that are targeting the people in Afghanistan do not seem to understand that they are killing their own people they are devastating the country by planting land mines, bombs along place that they know that either the security service or civilians will most likely pass, what are they gaining from these atrocities, they will and cannot be allowed to ever rule that country and, if fear and terror by these individuals are allowed to win, what will be next.

Children dying like that, blown apart my bombs is not something that a civilized world should tolerate, but on the other hand we cannot allow the security service to abandon the Afghanistan people although them being there is what these fanatics are using to create and cause unnecessary terrorist act against the citizen, but the security service is at least the barrier that the Afghan people need and we must support their efforts especially for those ten children that are lying in a morgue whose only mistake is to be born in a country with fanatical idiots.

By Sandrea: My Opinion