As the UK Conservative Prime Minister set to introduce plans to give gays the legal right to get married , the burning question is whether he can survive a rebellion from within the party.

There are some 118 conservative MP’s that are opposed to the idea of allowing same sex people to have the right to be legally married.  The fear within this section of the party is that they will lose the next election as such an act will isolate many centre ground voters.

But if statistics are to be believed there is a clear majority in the UK that support the rights of gay people to be given the legal right to get married.

However, as can expected one of the biggest opponent to this plan will undoubtedly be the church, they believe that any marriage that is not between a man and a woman is in the eyes of God abominable and therefore to legalize such marriage would be trampling over traditional values and the eventual breakdown of the family unit.

Irrespective, of what one beliefs are we are in an era where individuals will decide the way in which they live their life and it does not take into account the manner in which the church or any other denomination regard that choice.

Tolerance must be exercised by society as we do not have the right to judge others for the lifestyle they choose. If their lifestyle is against the will of God then he alone will judge them accordingly.  Society must stop being judge and juror to circumstances that does not fit into what they believe is a traditional way of life, we went way past those days.

Whether the Conservative survives this propose rebellion from within, time will determine that event.


By Sandrea: My Opinion