Recently a 24 year old Belgian man was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for killing four people including two babies at a day care centre.

As a society we find these crimes heinous especially when they involve children and babies who cannot defend themselves against these modern day monsters.  I am fully aware that our society will always find ways of justifying why these individuals commit such monstrous crimes and in my opinion they are born evil.

There are those who will disagree with me because that they have this idealistic view that we are all born good person and our environment shape us into what we become.  But the Bible, Psalm 51 verse 5 “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me”. It stands to reason that the vast majority of individuals that are good work extremely hard to be so as I contend that we are all born with evil intent.

Media report another baby being killed while his mother was pushing him in a stroller just going for a walk when they was set upon and a 13 month old baby lost his life because of evil.  He never got the opportunity to know his environment, go to kindergarten, nursery school, or even college, will never know what it will be like to like a girl or even get his first kiss because two individuals decided to rob him of everything.

Their actions will no doubt destroy a family, leaving a mother wondering if she had not gone to the post office that morning would her son still be alive.  They have left this mother in a trauma that irrespective of whatever the outcome she will be devastated for the rest of her life.

There is no way in which we can come to terms with these kind of incidence and it would be hard for anyone to put in place any full proof scheme that will prevent them happening again but that is no reason why we cannot try and if we are to deter anyone from committing these offence then the judicial system must send a real strong message to those that are caught, tried and convicted, their sentence must be such that others will think twice about committing such crimes.

By Sandrea: My Opinion